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Appliance Repair in Spokane, Wa

A OK Appliance Repair in Spokane, Wa. offers comprehensive services, including washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher repair.

Does your washer refuse to spin? Is your dryer not producing heat? Is your refrigerator not cooling properly? We handle repairs for people who have a problem with appliances that are not currently covered under a warranty.

Learn more and request the service you need call us at (509) 290-2955 for effective and efficient repairs. Our truck is fully stocked with the right tools and thousands of parts so that we have everything on-hand that's needed to make the repair at the time of the service call.
Repair Specialists for All Major Household Appliances:
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Washing Machines
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Stoves & Ranges
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Garbage Disposals
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Service & Parts for All Major Brands
Our services are available for all major brands, including Whirlpool®, Kenmore®, Maytag®, LG®, Electrolux®, Frigidaire®, and Hotpoint®.

We also sell parts directly so we can get them for you at a lower price. When appliances cannot be fixed, we haul it away for $20.

Refrigerators are a major expense in your home. In today's market a new refrigerator starts close to $1000 and goes up in price exponentially from there. We recommend that you contact us to discuss any issues you are having with your refrigerator before choosing to throw it out.

Most everything from water leaks, broken icemakers, not cooling, and physical damage to a refrigerator or freezer can be addressed. There are times when we may discuss over the phone simple fixes for refrigerators that you can do at home, and there are times that we may recommend you consider avoiding a service call and start to look for a replacement. In almost all cases we do recommend that a technician verify your appliance issue before spending over a $1000 for a new refrigerator.